How can I order a transfer?

Choose on the start page the transfer rent format suitable for you: a distance price for the whole journey or an hourly rent.

Choose the pickup address and the destination or the number of travel hours and then choose the types of transport.

Next, you will be redirected to the expanded order form. If you wish, you can also add the return route in advance on the same page.

Specify your contact details, the number of passengers, as well as additional options if you need them. If your driver needs to know something else about you, just specify this information in the comment field.

Ready! Choose a Transfer and you will get reply to your order confirmation by team of Nakula Bali Tour as completed reservation made.

Frequently asked questions

What does Hourly car rent mean?

This service provides you with full disposal and unlimited use of a rented car with a driver. You can use it, for instance, during business trips when you need to constantly move between appointments, or for sightseeing tours with a guide, or just to travel by car when your route, apart from points A and B, also includes points C, D, E, F etc.

How to place an hourly rent order correctly?

Just choose the required number of hours and means of transport and specify the useful information for the driver in the comment field of the order. The number of stops along the route, their location and time, as well as additional preferences in respect of the car and the driver – all this information will be necessary to select the best option for your request satisfaction and the most accurate calculation of the cost of your trip.

How soon will you be able to arrange the car to be at my address after I have placed the order?

The minimum time between the order placement and its fulfillments is 12 hours. It is necessary to remember that the more time is left before the trip, the more offers you will receive. This means that you will have a much wider choice of prices and cars.

What does the cost of transfer include?

Drivers are free to charge a price for your order. It already includes waiting at the airport, gasoline, road tolls and parking fee, if any on the route, and, of course, the very route from point A to point B.

What shall I do if the driver hasn’t met me?

First of all, try to contact Us. The drivers contact details are specified in the letter confirming your order. Should you fail to get the driver on the phone, please, report this situation to the support team to mobile-phone number : +6282237580550 or by email to : nakulabalitrans@gmail.com  We will try to find another driver for you or return your money. The return time is 5-7 business days.

Can I trust the drivers found by me on Nakulabalitour.com?

We only work with trusted driver: we study their certificates, monitor the validity period of their driving licenses and insurance policies. Among other things, customers of our service always evaluate drivers’ performance. We analyse users’ feedback and go on working only with those contractors whose order history is flawless.

What shall I do if my flight is delayed?

Don’t worry, drivers normally monitor customers’ flights and are aware of delays. That is why we recommend specifying the flight number. You can put this information in additional options in the expanded field of the order or on field of Flight Number and arrival time. The free waiting time in such situation is 45 minutes. In other force-majeure cases, please, immediately call the support team of Nakulabalitour.com, and we will figure out how to help you.

How can I know if my luggage will fit inside the car?

Specify the dimensions of the luggage and the number of pieces in the comment field of the order. For instance, 2 ski bags 180 cm long and two suitcases. In this case, only those drivers whose cars are able to fit such luggage will reply to the order. If you still hesitate, please, contact our support team.